Wednesday, 18 January 2012

OPI Black Shatter Nail Polish over Bright Coral!

Hello everyone!

It's been quite a while since I last posted... shame on me! There is so much stuff I would LOVE to blog about but there is so little time and I was horribly sick over the Christmas holidays! :(

However I had to share this at least.

Up to yesterday I had long nails which I had been growing for a while since December but after an "almost broken in half" nail accident I decided to finally chop them off... which I did. So I now have the more comfortable and practical shorter nails I love :)

I've had my OPI black, white and silver shatters for a while but went back to them recently. I was wearing my white shatter over the Spark du Triomphe.... LOVE that glitter! So yesterday I decided to go for black.

1. As a base I used my OPI Nail Envy Maintenance as usual (OPI have a range of treatments in the Envy range - I use Maintenance since my nails are rather strong already and using a hardner would make them break).

2. I then used OPI I'm His Coral Friend from their 2009 Summer SUNbelievable Collection and topped that with KIKO's Sparkle Touch nail polish in No4. (KIKO is an Italian makeup brand that has some awesome products at fantastic prices) to make it just a little bit sparkly... who doesn't love sparkles??  ;)

3. Once that was completely dry (very important) I applied a thin coat of OPI Black Shatter and let that dry (Black shatter has been out for a while, there are now a number of shades from black to blues to red and pink and purple and white). I applied my shatter polish vertically as usual but you can try applying it diagonally or in sections for a different shatter effect!

4. I then applied a top coat. OPI recommend this step to lock in the shatter and avoid chipping. It also makes the colours more vivid but if you like the matte effect of the shatter polish you may want to skip the last step ;)

Have a look at the pics below.

I personally love the Black Shatter... I find it crackles nicer than it's white counterpart and creates an AWESOME effect on bright shades like this coral colour!!

Give it a try ;)

Until the next blog post, take care x x

The nails - OPI I'm His Coral Friend + KIKO Sparkle Touch no4. + OPI Black Shatter

Nails and the products used ;)

Nail products used - OPI Nail Envy Maintenance (for already strong nails), OPI I'm His Coral Friend from the Summer 2009 SUNbelievable Collection, KIKO Sparkle Touch No.4, OPI Black Shatter, OPI regular top coat.