Sunday, 18 March 2012

UPDATED Catrice Cosmetics - Ultimate Nudes Nail Polish Review with pics + 1 week of wear photo

Hello everyone :)

Finally writing a blog post! It has been AGES! It so happens to be another nail polish review! I promise, my blog will not be about nail polishes only! For the time being however, I did want to share this review with you as I was quite pleasantly surprised with these Catrice Cosmetics nail polishes which I purchased this weekend.

I bought 3 Catrice Nail Polish shades, two Ultimate Nudes and one from the Ultimate Nail Lacquer range. The Ultimate Nudes shades have a new brush which I will be talking about. The shades I  got are:
Ultimate Nudes: 090 Karl Says Tres Chic and 050 Moulin Rouge Light
Ultimate Nail Lacquer range: 030 Meet Me At Coral Island

First off... I like the names... as you know, if you read my previous posts, I love OPI nail polishes and love their names... it seems the idea is catching on, Catrice nail polishes have some interesting names too!

The nail polishes are made in Luxembourg and seem to be of good quality. I like the packaging and particularly like the wide cap which makes it easier to open when it gets kind of stuck with the dried polish on the neck (white cap for Ultimate Nudes, black cap for Ultimate Nail Lacquer). The consistency of the Ultimate Nudes nail polish is very creamy, nicely opaque and does not streak too much. The description says that with one coat you get subtle coverage... which is true... one coat is quite enough but I like a higher coverage so I went for two coats.

Now on to the more interesting part... the brush! Now I have been a fan of the OPI Pro Wide brush but I think this new Catrice brush will take first place on my books! Their regular brush (on the Ultimate Nail Lacquer polish) is of medium lenght, flat and the ends are cut straight. It is a regular black bristled brush, nothing too impressive, slightly thinner than the OPI Pro Wide brush. The New Brush on the Ultimate Nudes however has white bristles for one thing, feels more flexible for some reason, is thicker/denser and slightly shorter I believe. Most importantly however, the ends of the bristles are tapered! They are kind of rounded which makes the brush PERFECT to apply polish to the cuticle area without making a mess!! I LOVE this brush!

In terms of shades, the Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nudes Nail Polish collection has 7 shades, which range from subtle pinks to nudes and browns

Their Ultimate Nail Lacquer collection on the other hand currently has 40 shades according to their website.

Locally, they retail at 2.50Eur which I believe is an excellent price for the quality of the polish and the quantity you get (each bottle contains 10ml - OPI shades contain 15ml but cost a lot more).

All in all, I do recommend these polishes, in terms of quality I think they may be on a slightly higher scale than the e.l.f. polishes I have. They are worth checking out if you are a nail polish junkie like me ;)

See pics below! Hope you enjoyed this review. Please note that I bought these products and was not paid to do this review!

Until the next post, take care ;)


After 1 whole week of wear - polish still looks bright and shiny, no actual chipping, still looks decent and wearable! Slight wear along the nail edge and since my nails grew a bit longer, bottom part of the nail is slightly exposed (it probably wore off from the cuticle area a little bit too) - Excellent wearablity over all I would say!

090 Karl Says Tres Chic - Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nudes Nail Polish - 2 coats

090 Karl Says Tres Chic - Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nudes Nail Polish - 2 coats

Ultimate Nudes 090, 050 and Ultimate Nail Lacquer 030

Notice the difference between the 2 brushes?
After 1 whole week of wear