Monday, 9 April 2012

New Nail Polish Shades including Catrice Cosmetics Genius in a Bottle

Hello everyone :)

I know I keep saying this is NOT just a nail polish blog but it sure looks like it for now :P

Just wanted to share with you a couple of new nail polish shades I got from Catrice mainly these past weeks.

I added another shade or 2 to my summer bright colours as you can see in the pics below. I also got 2 shades from the Catrice Big City Life collection which is actually a winter 2011 collection if I am not mistaken but I liked 2 of the shades so I got them anyway ;) I also got a bright orange shade from Inglot and the duochrome nail polish shade from Catrice which is said to be a dupe for a very famout Chanel shade ;) check out the pics and description below. Let me know what you think!

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer shades:
Left: 820 Pimp My Shrimp - New shade with the new wide tapered brush like the brush on their Ultimate Nudes collection
Right: 030 Meet Me At Coral Island - a previous shade with the previous regular brush.
As you can see, Pimp my Shrimp is slightly more on the orange side of coral while Coral Island is slightly more on the pink side. See below for side by side swatches. They both apply nicely, but require at least 2 coats for a good opaque look.
2 shades from the Big City Life collection.
Left: C04 New York - a pretty powdered blue creme colour. Comes with the regular brush since they were out in 2011 probably. I like the imagery on the bottle... with some of the famous New York landmarks and the NY skyline :)
Right: C01 London: kind of a banana yellow shade with slight shimmer in it. Good colour payoff but requires 2 coats of good opacity too. Comes with the regular brush too and has some London landmarks on it too ;) These 2 shades are of course limited edition since they are from a specific collection but they are still available at least locally in Malta.

Here you can see my bright yellow/orange/coral shades. I was not a fan of bright warm shades such as these until last summer so I'm still working on my collection.
From LtoR: Catrice Big City Life London, Inglot 949 (bright orange with a hint of shimmer - new 2012 colour), Catrice Pimp My Shrimp, Catrice Meet Me At Coral Island, OPI I'm His Coral Friend (SUNBelievable collection 2011).

Here you can see all previous 5 bright shades swatched on each nail with 2-3 coats on each. As you can see Catrice Pimp my Shrim and Meet me at Coral Island are very similar when swatched but Pimp my Shrimp is a teeny bit more on the orangy side.

The lovely Catrice duochrome shade in Genius in a Bottle 840. I saw this shade and did not buy it but I had to go back and get it! Have to admit the duochrome effect is not as evident on the nails.What do you think? I later found out it is an exact dupe of the Chanel Le Vernis Peridot 531 which costs considerably more!!

Catrice Genius in a Bottle in the sun and swatched. Comes with the new wider/denser and tapered brush since it is a new shade. Applies very smoothly with no streaking and gives good coverage with just one coat but I went for 2 coats anyway! No chipping so far for 2 days with base and top coat as always.

Catrice Genius in a Bottle side by side with OPI Rally Pretty Pink (OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam France duo collection - came with red shatter) which is my other duochrome polish which changes from a pinky purple to a pretty golden bronzy shade.

Just FYI. Locally Catrice nail lacquers retail for I belive round €2.40 while the limited edition ones were for €2.80. Inglot shades retail for €11 locally but I got mine half price during a promotion. OPI shades retail for around €11 euro locally too I believe but I get mine online and usually they cost me a little bit less.