Saturday, 26 November 2011

e.l.f. nail polish in Mod Mauve review & pictures - one week of wear update!

So I finally got down to writing my first ever blog post. There are so many things I would like to write about but I decided to start with this e.l.f. nail polish review first as I got my nails done last night while watching Killer Elite with my fiance haha so here it goes.

The e.l.f Mod Mauve nail polish is a lovely creme nail colour that goes on smoothly and does not streak in my opinion. It is quite pigmented (not very sheer on the nails) but I would still suggest 2 coats to get a totally even coverage and to achieve the true colour as seen through the bottle.

Mauve is supposed to be a moderate grayish violet to moderate reddish purple according to dictionaries. I would consider this shade to be a pinkish brown shade... like a rosey mauve shade. In fact, I think it matches a Max Factor Colour Elixir lipstick in 833 Rosewood perfectly for those of you who like the matching lips and nails trend ;) 

Bottom line, I think this is a lovely colour for autumn/winter. I think it would look good on most skin tones, it looks just fine on my beige/yellow undertones skin. Regarding staying power and chipping, from my experience with other e.l.f. nail polishes I think it should not be a problem. Most colours last up to a week with no extreme chipping (assuming you use a top coat and a base coat like I do)

Would I repurchase? Yes definitely... it's great value for the price and works just fine as a creme nail polish even when compared to more expensive brands like OPI.

Comparison to other browns and pinky browns: L to R: OPI Barefoot in Barcelona - e.l.f. Mod Mauve - e.l.f. Smokey Brown

e.l.f. Mod Mauve with a swatch of MF Colour Elixir Lipstick in Rosewood 833

Hope you find this useful and if you're thinking of buying any e.l.f. nail polishes or other items, do so this weekend if you are in the UK or Europe... don't miss out on their 4th Birthday offer.
For those of you interested, I buy most OPI shades from ebay from various sellers as I find them to be cheaper usually from the USA or Singapore. The Max Factor lipstick was purchased from as they are cheaper from the UK too and they now have free postage to Malta at least for sure!

Please note, I bought this nail polish myself and am being totally honest in my review of it ;)

After a whole week of wear with absolutely no touch ups, not even a reapplication of top coat or spray - nothing, my nails looked like this:

As you can see, there is some wearing round the edges and at the cuticle however, if you ask me, it is very much comparable if not better than some of the OPI shades I have. Therefore for all of you who like me, where a little bit hesitant about buying e.l.f. nail polishes because you might think that they are too good to be true.... they ARE good! Bear in mind however that I did use a base coat - OPI Nail Envy Maintainance and a top coat - OPI Top Coat but I believe any decent base coat and topcoat would do! With the price of 1 OPI shade you can get about 5 e.l.f. shades! I'm not saying I will stop buying OPI mind you, they have loads of beautiful shades and they are of excellent quality but if you're a bit tight on cash and still want a new shade, e.l.f nail polish is an excellent substitute! Good luck! ;)


  1. Love it love it :D .. the photos look amazing hun xx

  2. Yay thank you Dyna! Took them with my phone with a LOT of patience! ;)

  3. NIce angie, it looks great on d photos, the finish resembles much high end nail polishes. I like it. Thanks for sharing girl