Saturday, 3 December 2011

Review: e.l.f. cosmetics - 100pc Eye Shadow Palette - with photos and swatches

I finally got my hands on the e.l.f. cosmetics 100pc Eye Shadow Palette which can be bought from their website: if you are in the UK or EU or if you are in the US or other countries.

In all honesty I was somewhat hesitant at first since I already have their 32pc palettes in Natural and Bright and thought it would be the same colours all over again. However I was quite pleasantly surprised :)  (see pics below)

In terms of size: the palette is 19cm in height by 23cm in width. The eye shadow pans which are all the same size are 1.7cm x 2.1cm.

The 100 colours are a mixture of matte, silky and shimmery shades. They are quite creamy in texture and a good number of them are quite pigmented! There are a few shades that could have been more pigmented and slightly less chalky but over all, especially when you consider the price, I think it's great value for money. I would definitely recommend using a primer beneath them to improve the colour and staying power as with other e.l.f cosmetics eye shadows.

You get a nice combination of neutral highlight colours, yellows, golds and browns, greens and a few blues, pinks and purples and oranges and reds and a whole column of white, greys and blacks. I would say the focus is one neutrals and pinks judging by the number of those shades. All in all, this palette is very versatile, providing you with shades for basically ANY eye look under the sun from a basic work friendly neutral to a dark dramatic smokey look for a night out.

Another think I would like to point out is that the shades, while quite similar to some in the 32pc palettes, are in fact NOT the same which is great! :)

Packaging is not too bad either, the box it comes in looks nice. The actual palette is made of plastic but the kind of plastic it's made of feels a bit flimsy at times, I'm scared I'll drop it some day and break it :( and the hinges are quite small for a palette of it's size... I fear they could break easily.

The palette also comes with a small mirror and 2 double ended sponge applicators which is nice :)

My verdict:
Price: Excellent... especially if bought during sale period like I did ;)
Quality: Very good average.... especially considering the price and the colour range you get
Packaging: Not too impressive... I think the quality of the plastic used could improve as well as the hinges.
Would I repurchase: If I EVER finish all these shades... I think I would!

See pics below:

Palette in packaging - Front

Palette in packaging - Back

Front look of palette - closed

Palette open - you can see how small the hinges are to hold the lid which is quite large in comparison

Mirror and sponge applicators

Some swatches of the shades - nice colour payoff

The e.l.f. 32pc Bright Palette - which I love :)

The e.l.f. 32pc Natural Palette - which I also love :)

I hope you enjoyed this review and find it useful while deliberating whether or not to buy this palette :)

As always, I bought this palette myself and am totally honest in this review.

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