Monday, 5 December 2011

Super Cheap Makeup Brush Guards Review!

I just had to write this post when I recieved these brush guards today! For those of you who do not know, brush guards are little plastic netting tubes that you put your brushes in while drying, travelling or just for everyday storage to keep them nice and firm and stop them from turning into a bushy mess...

This is especially useful if you spend loads of money on makeup brushes or even if you have a few brushes you would like to take care of, regardless of their price. I do not own too many expensive brushes but I still have quite a collection and like to take care of them.

Now, as you may know, there is a genuine Brush Guard brand you can buy that has various sizes from very thin ones for small eye brushes to larger ones for kabukis. Granted, it's a  good thing that you get all the varying sizes, however, to be very honest with you I think that they are kind of expensive.

The cheapest variety pack I found on ebay coasts €9.90 (incl. shipping to Malta) and it contains 6 brush guards - 1 extra small, 2 small, 2 medium and 1 large. It can be found from this seller here: . Now this is quite a reasonable price in reality when compared to other sellers on ebay. You can also purchase these from Coastal Scents and they cost about €10.86 (incl. shipping to Malta) from there.

I am in no way saying they are no good. They are probably superior in quality to the ones I bought, however, I still feel that paying €10 for 6 flimsy plastic tubes is somewhat expensive.

And here is the alternative.....

I looked up brush guards on ebay and came across this seller: . This seller sells a pack of 15 brush guards for the awesome price of €1.43 (incl. FREE shipping to Malta). Note however, that they only come in 1 size unlike the original Brush Guard variety pack. It does say however that they will still fit the smallest brushes you have and from what I can see it is quite true. It fit my MAC 219 (pencil brush) perfectly and even fit my huge e.l.f. Body Kabuki!! (See pics below for evidence!)  I am quite impressed in fact I ordered again to keep them as backup!

As I said I am in no way saying that the genuine brush guards are no good, I never tried them and they probably are superior to the ones I got here but when you compare the price..... weeeellll... superior or not I think I will stick to these for now!

What do you think? Did you purchase any of the genuine Brush Guard Packs? 

With just one pack I covered all these brushes (including 3 duo fibre ones in the brush holder).

They fit even the smallest of brushes - maybe not too tightly but still well enough to protect them.

They fit kabukis perfectly too!

They fit all shapes of larger brushes

Awesome for duo fibre brushes.

They are ideal for travelling to keep those particularly large fluffy brushes safe in your brush roll.

Each pack contains 15 brush guards of the same universal size.


  1. very helpful review, tnx angie, do they fit the small brushes tight enough?

  2. It fit well enough. I wouldn't say too tightly though since it's a universal size but I think it's good enough to protect them and keep them in shape.

  3. Thanks for the info Angie! It's good to know that there is such an affordable alternative to the original Brush Guards :)

  4. Thanks Mar :) They really are worth trying out!